Club House Portobello


The philosophy of the Park
Love for nature and respect for the environment: the fundamental values ​​of Portobello.
The Community of the Park
A real family, united by the values ​​of the good life and respect for nature.
Club House of Portobello
Privileged encounter and meeting place: it is the living heart of the Park.
The Residential Park of Portobello
Love for nature and respect for the environment: the fundamental values ​​of Portobello.
Services and Amenities
Everything you need to enjoy nature without giving up comfort.

The Residential Park

A place to rediscover ancient flavors, pleasant memories and restore your body and spirit.

In the heart of the most authentic Gallura, Portobello Residential Park is a magical location, the place of the heart, an emollient for the soul where you can find traditional flavors and pleasant memories.

Welcome in Sardinia, Welcome at Portobello di Gallura

When you cross the threshold of the Park you slip into another dimension where, even time seems to pass more slowly: 100 hectares of lush and fragrant Mediterranean vegetation bordering the sea are the amphitheater of this elegant and exclusive residential development, with unique features, which extends 3 km along the coast a few miles from Santa Teresa Gallura.

From the beginning, the Residential Park according to its founders wish, was projected to be a high level alternative to the Emerald Coast. Oasis for the body and spirit, over the years it has become popular all over the world thanks to the reserved, convivial and relaxed atmosphere that characterizes it, which recall the everyday life of a small village in the Langhe. Pride of the Residential Park is the environmental context in which it stands : a corner of unspoiled nature, where the gaze alights gently on coves and hidden beaches never crowded, stretches of Mediterranean essences and the cobalt blue sea.


The Places of the Park…. An oasis of peace and tranquility

Protected by controlled access and 24-hour security, the Park boasts five-star facilities , which allow you to match the excellence of the best services to the tranquility of the place, playing the best balance between tradition and innovation and enhancing values such as quality of life, well-being, the rediscovery of traditions and the deep harmony with nature.

The Club House includes several places for meeting which favor conviviality; the Restaurant, Pizzeria, Beach Lounge Bar and the Bazaar, allow you to spend quiet time in a charming location with sea view. Concepts such as wellbeing and the pursuit of quality of life characterize the Park and blend with the “food culture ” proposed by the park facilities: genuine, natural, seasonal and zero kilometer products.

Living in Portobello … the houses of harmony

The wonderful private villas that dot the Residential Park, are fully immersed in the green of the Mediterranean maquis and almost blend themselves with the vegetation of the place: the typical architecture, uniform and distinctive of the Park, recalls influences from the past. The residences feature private gardens, large panoramic verandas, manicured walkways and enviable position just a few meters from the sea.

In Portobello there is a strong care for the value of community: a genuine place where people really know each other and share the everyday life. The lives of families and guests of the Park is carried out mainly around the Club House which boasts different light-filled spaces with beautiful views of the sea.

Living in harmony with the sea and the wind, following the calm rithms of nature.