Club House Portobello


The Origins of the Park

The settlement of Portobello was born in 60 /70 when a group of illuminated contractors, architects and artists, real precursors of the times, remain struck by the ” charm” of the place and decided to preserve and enhance it, building homes, which are real sculptures in the landscape.

A bit of history. From 1962 to this day.

In 1962 , the Genoese engineer Carlo Emanuele Tiscornia and his brother in law, the university professor Franco Magliano, came, almost by chance, in the pristine corner of Sardinia known as Port Caneddi , falling in love with it at first sight. From this thunderbolt it was born the Residential Park Portobello di Gallura.

Inspired by the beauty of the local nature they chose this stretch of rugged coastline to create an ambitious project: the ideal village. The purpose was to create a setting where people can live in harmony with the surrounding nature and rediscover fundamental values such as the importance of quality of life and well-being, resulted from direct contact with the earth, the sea and their fruits.

In this view, the villas of Portobello Park have been designed. Each one is a work of art, designed to fit harmoniously into the natural surroundings. Built with natural materials and attention to detail, these dreaming homes boast lush private gardens , large panoramic verandas and enviable positions a few meters from the sea.

Among Past and Present, Tradition and Innovation

Year after year, with great passion, Tiscornia gives life to his dream.

For Portobello, Tiscornia and Magliano went the whole hog . The residential park developed along 18 kilometers of coastline according to the fundamental principle that have guided them over the years: the absolute respect for nature. The exploration of the territory was only the first step.

What the engineer from Genoa aspired for was the creation of a sort of small parallel world in which nature, in her enchanting perfection, could appear as the undisputed protagonist.

The tenacity and unconditional dedication of Tiscornia, Magliano and all the people who have been fascinated by the design of the Residential Park , have been repaid by the celebrity that Portobello have acquired in later years, becoming the flagship of the renowned and stunning area of Gallura.