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The New Wellness Homes in Portobello Gallura

29 November, 2023 6:52 - 29 November, 2023 6:52

ImmobilSarda’s new Wellness Homes represent a contemporary brand designed by ImmobilSarda-Christie’s team of architectural consultants. The properties are inspired by a “life closely linked to the land, tradition, and nature” concept. Each villa is designed as an oasis, offering privacy and intimacy.

ImmobilSarda has been operating in Gallura since 1974 and stands out for its high quality, prestigious, innovative residential offer and architectural concept. The latter is based on the synergy between the living space and the surrounding landscape, resulting from the perfect fusion of real estate, neuroarchitecture, and bioarchitecture.

The projects of neuro-architecture carried out by the group, present eco villas, organic, biophilic, and innovative, featuring a contemporary design that uses fine materials and offers indoor and outdoor spaces with incredible views. A new design concept that blends perfectly with the surroundings, a new living concept in harmony with the morphology of the area. The main goal is to create an ideal microclimate and allow a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor areas to provide the public with an intense experience of nature.

Nowadays it is more important than ever to focus on and seek mental and physical well-being, which only a place that combines nature, environment, tranquility, and services can offer. Residential architecture is becoming more and more ethical, focusing on respect for the planet and the environment, but also on human well-being, needs, and health. Today we talk about eco-architecture, neuro-architecture, biophilic design, and the psychology of living. Physical and living spaces are prioritized for psychological well-being. There is a strong connection between the inner world and the space of life and relationships. Architecture and psychology are both concerned with the concept of interiority and the search for a safe and secure environment, which is fundamental to the psychophysical well-being of human beings.

ImmobilSarda’s eco-wellness villas represent excellence in contemporary architecture, offering a unique combination of design, precious materials, open spaces, and harmonious integration with the surroundings.

Through their innovative concept of a quality living experience, linked to the territory and tradition, these villas represent an authentic oasis of privacy and intimacy.