Club House Portobello



The Residential Park

A place to rediscover ancient flavors, pleasant memories and restore your body and spirit. In the heart of the most authentic Gallura, Portobello Residential Park is a magical location, the place of the heart, an emollient for the soul where […]

The Origins of the Park

The settlement of Portobello was born in 60 /70 when a group of illuminated contractors, architects and artists, real precursors of the times, remain struck by the ” charm” of the place and decided to preserve and enhance it, building […]

The Community of Portobello

The history of those who live and have lived in Portobello is a twist of coincidences, passions and destinies. As life is. Among the residents of the Park of Portobello there is a strong sense of belonging to the community, […]

The Beaches

More than 30 Km of coastline characterized the Residential Park of Portobello. The vegetation of the Mediterranean maquis with juniper and pine trees are the background of beautiful white sandy beaches and coves formed by rocks of polished granite. Among […]