Club House Portobello




A lifestyle philosophy since 1962

The settlement of Portobello was born in the ’60s / ’70s when a group of contractors, architects and illuminated artists, real precursors of the times, remain struck by the “charm” of the place, and decided to preserve and enhance it, […]

The Architectural Style

The Style Houses to enjoy In some places you simply inhabit, in Portobello you really live.All the year round. Carlo Emanuele Tiscornia , Genoese architect – engineer with elegant and lively attitude is one of the founders of the Residential […]

The Villas of Portobello

Harmonious Houses in privileged position on the sea In the unique environmental context that characterizes the Residential Park Portobello di Gallura, are the “work of art ” of the engineer and architect Carlo Emanuele Tiscornia. Initially conceived as “caves”, the […]