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Portobello di Gallura
A Residential Park in harmony with nature.
Beach Lounge Bar
Exclusive meeting point nestled in a unique natural environment.
Portobello di Gallura
A Residential Park in harmony with nature.
The enchanting beaches of Portobello
Corners of earthly paradise where the most limpid sea and most pristine land meet each other.


Residential Park

The Residential Park Portobello di Gallura  is a settlement with unique features, which stretches along 3 kilometers of coastline in the northern part of the Gallura a few miles from Santa Teresa.

Portobello di Gallura

An oasis of well-being, comfort, nature and privacy on the sea. A Unique Lifestyle Experience.

The Magic of Inland

Portobello Countryside …30 km. of uncontaminated coasts, coves, and small bays,  untouched except by History and Nature

Rediscover Fundamental Values

Even time seems to stand still here … to live in harmony with the sea, the wind and the nature and slow rhythms of meditation and good living.

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Air Connections

Rome 1 h

Milan 1 h

Berlin 2 h

Moscow 3 h

Portobello di Gallura

Location Portobello

in the province of Olbia Tempio


Live music, dancing and food and wine tastings: boredom is banned in Portobello!

19 August, 2014

Live music in Portobello di Gallura

An unmissable live music night. The warm notes of the piano played by Rostyslav Prachun accompanying the harmonious voice of Pina.

20 August, 2014

Cuban night in Portobello di Gallura

Pressing rhythms and latin atmospheres enliven the night of Portobello di Gallura.

Why ImmobilSarda in Portobello di Gallura

  • Because it is one of the founding members of Portobello
  • Because it is a certified-historical real estate agency of Portobello
  • Because it has been an integral part of the life and growth of Portobello di Gallura since 1984
  • Because it has been committed to promoting and enhancing the Residential Park since 1984
  • Because it follows the principle of eco-sustainability of living, combining the concepts of mental wellness and global wellness

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